VT420 (including VT100, VT220, VT320) Telnet Terminal Emulator for Windows

An all-in-one VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420 Telnet Terminal Emulator

Distinct IntelliTerm for VT220 through VT420 is a Windows terminal emulator that allows you to access data on diverse corporate information servers such as UNIX and VAX systems, IBM mainframes and AS400 from a single application. It includes full featured terminal emulation for VT220 through VT420, TN3270 (Telnet 3270) and TN5250 (Telnet 5250). Distinct IntelliTerm operates over the Telnet protocol running over TCP/IP, an area in which Distinct is a market leader. Distinct IntelliTerm integrates related utilities such as multi-connect FTP with SOCKS firewall proxy support, print server support with LPD and 3287 printing support, substantially reducing your training and support cost.

Integration of legacy applications
In addition to the standard version of Intelliterm, Distinct also offers the Developer Edition. The Distinct IntelliTerm Developer Edition is specifically designed to facilitate Windows and legacy system integration by software developers, system integrators and software administrators who need to either automate user operations when connected to TN-3270, TN-5250 or VT-420 hosts or to simplify interaction of Windows applications with legacy applications.

Product Documentation
View product documentation for IntelliTerm, Terminal Emulator for Telnet vt100, vt220 and vt420 (click here for PDF*).
Also available in French*, German*, Italian*, Portuguese*, and Spanish*.

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It's easy to see if IntelliTerm is every bit as good as we say it is. Simply download the trial version of the Developer Edition if you need to add terminal-emulation features such as screen scraping to your application. Download the trial version of the Standard Edition otherwise.

DEC User Guides
Want to know more about the range of video terminals produced by DEC and what a real VT320 terminal looks like? Visit It includes a lot of old hard-to-find User Guides about these old DEC terminals.

Distinct Intelliterm
the Most Complete Terminal Emulator for TN3270, TN5250 and DEC VT220 to VT420
Now also TN3270 and TN5250 over TLS/SSL

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